Head-Spa course

Head is an important part of your body where pressure points for destines and nerves are centered. Shampooing and massaging with stimulation of pressuring points will improve circulation of the blood and will be effective for prompting hair growth and reducing headache, eyestrain, stiffness of shoulders or neck, and for alleviating insomnia.

We hope you will enjoy utmost comfort.
Ritt’s is a pioneer of Head-Spa salon well-known and acclaimed for its sophisticated treatment receiving many magazine/TV/radio/newspaper coverage.
Ritt’s offers variety of courses ranging from relaxing one to hair growth-prompting one.

Head-Spa & Scalp-Care

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☆Course with scalp diagnosis by scope
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  • Head-Spa course A【regular】
    【1】90min - ¥10,500
    Microscopic scalp diagnosis available
    【2】70min ‐ ¥9,900
    No scalp diagnosis
  • Head-Spa course B【Extended Course】
    【1】105min - ¥13,500
    Microscopic scalp diagnosis available
    【2】85min - ¥13,000
    No scalp diagnosis
  • Scalp care course A
    recommended if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. The most popular course with relaxation and hair growth-prompting effect
    【1】90min - ¥10,500
    Microscopic scalp diagnosis available
    【2】70min ‐ ¥9,900
    No scalp diagnosis
  • Scalp care course B【Extended Course】
    【1】105min - ¥13,500
    Microscopic scalp diagnosis available
    【2】85min - ¥13,000
    No scalp diagnosis
  • Brain Spa (脳スパ!)
    Recommended for those who are concerned about tiredness of the head, eyes, brain, and lack of sleep.Long scalp massage course.
    Calm the autonomic nervous system and relax.
    【1】110min - ¥16,000
    Microscopic scalp diagnosis available
    【2】85min ‐ ¥15,500
    No scalp diagnosis
    Short Course (70 min) - ¥11,500

※Extended course provides a longer massage.

※Extra fee may be required depending on length of your hair. ¥1,100~

※We do not accept guests with dreadlocks or extensions.

※All time notations are the estimated time required from the time you visit the store to the time you check out.


Not available as a stand-alone treatment, can be added to the above menu

  • Hair Treatment
    A(2Step) ¥2,200
    B(5Step) ¥6,600
  • Organic Germanium Scalp Wash 20 min.
  • Eye Care (Shiatsu Massage around eyes) 15 min.

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Reservations can be made by e-mail with your name, preferred date and time, preferred course, and number of guests.
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The number of people that can be treated at the same time is 2 to 3.
If you cancel your reservation on the day of the event, you will be charged a cancellation fee.
Please be sure to contact us at least one day in advance.
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Steps of Head-Spa
【regular course】

  • Apply scull cleanser to remove pore-clogging sebum and waste.

  • Massage & shampoo

  • Apply scalp treatment and warm the scalp with mist to infiltrate active constituent of moisture retention and softness into the scalp.

  • Massage on your head and neck
    (staying relaxed lying in reclining seat)

  • Blow-dry